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OSS Compliance Survey

We would like to investigate and analyze the actual situation of companies’ OSS compliance operations.
In order to do so, we decided to conduct a questionnaire survey. We believe the result of this investigation to help improvement the operations of each company. In addition, we will post the analysis of this to the Intellectual Property Association of Japan for development OSS skill standard.
We would like to ask you to respond to a wide range of responses for conducting effective survey. I understand you are occupied at the moment, but we appreciate your cooperation.
In addition, since the deadline for responses is July 17, 2020, please respond within the deadline.

If you have any questions, please let us know:
OpenChain Project Japan Work Group Promotion Sub Group OSS Skill Standard Development Team

1.The name of this survey
The Survey of OSS Compliance Operations in Companies

2.The purpose of this survey
-Research and analyze the actual situation of OSS compliance operations in companies
-As part of the proposal for the development of the OSS skill standard, we will write a technical paper and contribute the paper to Intellectual Property Association of Japan.

3.The Method of this survey Open Ballot and Anonymous Tabulation
*For considering duplicate responses from the same organization, please enter your name
*The data we receive will be collected anonymously and used in a format that does not identify the responding company.

4.The Result of this survey
-Once the survey results have been compiled, we will share a simple summary to you.
-Detailed data and analysis results will be published in a paper from next spring.

5.How to answer this survey
Please reply from the URL below by July 17, 2020.

### Ansewer this survey

GDPR Privacy Policy
The personal data acquired in this survey will be used only for the purposes related to this survey. Personal data will be transferred to Japan and stored on our Google servers. Our team will professionally manage the personal data of respondents. Respondents may ask our team to access their personal data, correct inaccurate personal data, and limit data processing while verifying the accuracy of personal data.
The contact information for this survey is
If you agree to the above regarding the use and transfer of personal data, please check the box in the survey form.
Respondents have the right to withdraw this consent at any time. And withdrawing this consent does not affect the legality of data processing or data transfer prior to withdrawal.