OpenChain KWG meets every quarter to create value together through sharing and collaboration.

Even if large companies have already established policies and processes for Open Source Compliance, considering the huge and complex software supply chain, it is difficult to escape from compliance risks, no matter how well-completed processes are in place. After all, it is important to increase the level of compliance for all companies in the software supply chain. To do this, companies that already have a good understanding of Open Source Compliance should share their assets and guide them so that other companies can easily participate.

Even if a company’s Open Source Compliance assets are shared with competitors, it does not adversely affect sales. Conversely, finding out a competitor’s Open Source Compliance policy cannot link it to an increase in corporate profits. If companies share best practices for Open Source Compliance with each other, each company can achieve significant levels of compliance with little cost and resources.

Some Korean companies also shared the same idea, and in January 2019, the first OpenChain KWG (Korea Work Group) meeting was held in which open source people from LG Electronics, SK Telecom, Kakao, Hyundai Motors, and Samsung Electronics participated.

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1st Meeting

LG Electronics Seocho R&D Campus, Jan 2019

2nd Meeting

Samsung Electronics, Seoul R&D Campus, Jun 2019

3rd Meeting

SK telecom - Samhwa Tower 3F Room 4, Sep 2019

4th Meeting

Ktds - Bangbae office, Room 207, Dec 2019

5th Meeting

Conference Call, Mar 2020

6th Meeting

Online Meeting, Jun 2020

7th Meeting

Online Meeting, Sep 2020

8th Meeting

Online Meeting, Dec 2020

9th Meeting

Online Meeting, Mar 2021

10th Meeting

Online Meeting, June 2021

11th Meeting

Online Meeting, September 2021

12nd Meeting

Online Meeting, December 2021

13th Meeting

Online Meeting, March 2022

14th Meeting

Online Meeting, June 2022

15th Meeting

September 2022, online meeting

16th Meeting

December 2022, online meeting

17th Meeting

March 28, 2023 at Line Plus

18th Meeting

June 22, 2023 at Kakao (Pangyo Agit)

19th Meeting

September 19, 2023 at Hyundai Autoever

20th Meeting

November 15, 2023 / Samsung Electronics Seocho Headquarters

21st Meeting

March 26, 2024 (Tuesday) / Kakao Pangyo Azit

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