5th Meeting

Conference Call, Mar 2020

Online Meeting

  • Schedule: 2020-03-19 (Thu) 2:00~ pm
  • How to join on PC
    1. PC에서 https://uberconference.com/openchainproject 접속
    2. Your Name 입력 후, “Join audio-only” 클릭하여 방에 입장
    3. Confirm settings 화면에서 마이크와 스피커 설정 확인 후 > Join conference
  • How to join on Phone
    1. 핸드폰에서 02-6022-2388로 전화
    2. 855 889 3011 # 입력


1OpenChain UpdateShane Coughlan, Linux FoundationDownload
2Open Source Compliance in the Enterprise 한글 요약본 소개 (Introduction to Korean Summary of Open Source Compliance in the Enterprise )엔씨소프트 한다솜 (Dasom Han, NCSoft)Download
3OpenChain 해설서 발간 (NIPA) 소개 (Introduction to OpenChain Guide Published by NIPA)SK텔레콤 장학성 (Haksung Jang, SK Telecom)Link
4SW360 설치 및 사용방법과 보안취약점 관리 소개 (How to install&use SW360, and Security Vulnerabilities Management)SK텔레콤 장학성 (Haksung Jang, SK Telecom)Download
5Case Study : BOM Tracking 방법 (How to track BOM)All-
6OpenChain KWG UpdatesSK텔레콤 장학성 (Haksung Jang, SK Telecom)Download


  • NCSoft
  • Kakao
  • Hyundai Motors
  • Hyundai Mobis
  • LINE Plus
  • LG Electronics
  • SK telecom


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