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📅 Upcoming Events

AllMember Meetings

今後のイベント予定 / Upcoming Events

日時 イベント 場所 オンライン 備考
2024/06/14 OSPOサブグループ Local Meetup なし ○  
2024/06/19 FAQサブグループ会合 なし ○  
2024/06/27 第31回全体会合 田町 ○ 詳細
2024/06/28 OSPOサブグループ Local Meetup (Co-located Event) 田町 ○  
2024/10/17 第32回全体会合 大阪 ○ 詳細
2024/10/18 OSPOサブグループ Local Meetup,
FAQサブグループ会合 (Co-located Event)
大阪 ○  
Day Event Venue Online Remarks
2024/06/14 OSPO-sg Local Meetup n/a ○  
2024/06/19 FAQ-sg Meeting n/a ○  
2024/06/27 The 31st All Member Meeting Tokyo ○ Detail
2024/06/28 OSPO-sg Local Meetup (Co-located Event) Tokyo ○  
2024/10/17 The 32nd All Member Meeting Osaka ○ Detail
2024/10/18 OSPO-sg Local Meetup, FAQ-sg Meeting (Co-located Event) Osaka ○  

The 31st meeting / The 6th hybrid meeting

  1. オープニング
  2. メインセッション① - 日本企業におけるOSPOの事例 -
  3. メインセッション② - 会場参加者によるBOF -
  4. メインセッション③ - 他社はどうやってる?帰ってきたOSPOライトニングトーク -


The 32nd meeting / The 7th hybrid meeting


looking for past meeting logs? → 日本語/Japanese, 英語/English

SubGroup Meetings

FAQ Subgroup

SBOM Subgroup

Planning Subgroup

Promotion Subgroup

Automation Subgroup


About OpenChain Japan Work Group

The OpenChain Japan Work Group (JWG) is one of the regional activities of OpenChain Project This pages provide information about OpenChain and OpenChain JWG in Japanese language.

Subgroup Acts

People with common interests gather to form subgroups in OpenChain JWG.

All Member Meetings

A wide range of open source compliance meetings that anyone can attend (but most speeches will be made in Japanese), and are held almost regularly (approximately once every 2-3 months). We mainly give presentations, QA, discussions, etc. in the form of seminars. The theme to be taken up and the format are examined and planned by the Planning subgroup each time.



Mail Lists

We have four mail lists. To sign up for each mail list, send a message to following addresses.


We are discussing on following Slack:

Please join with the following link:
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  1. License for contribution and report to Japan WG
    • a report from a member to Japan WG :
      licensed under CC-BY-ND-4.0
    • other a report presented by a member only at a meeting :
      owner defines license
  2. contribution to Japan WG
    • contribution or collaborative works by Japan WG :
      licensed under CC0-1.0