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The 26th meeting / The 1ST! hybrid meeting

初の試みとして、リアル会場での参加とオンライン参加の両方できるように企画しています。 リアル会場の収容人員は、20-30人程度を予定しています。 リアル会場での参加希望者は、日立ソリューションズ渡邊さん(へお早めにご連絡ください。/ As the first attempt, we are planning to allow both participation at the real venue and online participation. The capacity of the real venue is planned to be about 20-30 people. If you would like to participate at the real venue, please contact Ms. Watanabe of Hitachi Solutions ( as soon as possible.

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About OpenChain Japan Work Group

The OpenChain Japan Work Group (JWG) is one of the regional activities of OpenChain Project This pages provide information about OpenChain and OpenChain JWG in Japanese language.

Subgroup Acts

People with common interests gather to form subgroups in OpenChain JWG.

All Member Meetings

A wide range of open source compliance meetings that anyone can attend (but most speeches will be made in Japanese), and are held almost regularly (approximately once every 2-3 months). We mainly give presentations, QA, discussions, etc. in the form of seminars. The theme to be taken up and the format are examined and planned by the Planning subgroup each time.



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We have four mail lists. To sign up for each mail list, send a message to following addresses.


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